Our Investment In Public Safety

With 93% of the Torrance Police Department’s budget going toward salaries, only 7% of the department budget is available for equipment, technology, training and community focused projects or initiatives. The Torrance Police Foundation offers resources to support the men and women in blue so they can perform at their greatest level of excellence.

The Torrance Police Foundation provides grant funds directly to the Torrance Police Department to support requests that are not funded by city funds or cannot be funded by the city in a timely manner. We work closely with the Chief of Police and command staff to understand department needs and priorities and ensure a transparent, fair and appropriate allocation of grant funds.


Priority Program Areas:


Advanced Equipment & Technology

program-equipmentTechnology is not only expensive, but rapidly evolving, making it difficult for police departments to stay up-to-date with the latest tools to help them fight crime. TPF supports the purchase of specialized equipment and technology to advance policing services. We encourage exploring innovative solutions to stay one step ahead of emerging crime trends.

Training & Education

program-trainingTPF supports continuous training and education for Torrance Police Department officers and civilian staff to enhance officer safety and effectiveness and equip department personnel with the most advanced strategies and tactics for policing in the 21st Century.

Youth Programs

TPF supports the Torrance Police Department’s efforts to forge positive relationships with the youth of our community. Police officers have an opportunity to be effective role models and make a lasting impact on the lives of a young person. We are proud to support and encourage Torrance Police Department’s engagement with youth.

Community Relations & Outreach

TPF supports projects, activities, events and programs that strengthen Torrance Police Department’s relationship with the community it serves. We understand the importance of ongoing community outreach programs in the effort to build trust, mutual respect and understanding with neighborhoods, and realize these programs are the first to be cut during tough budget years.

Crime Prevention

program-crimeTPF supports Torrance Police Department’s proactive efforts to prevent and reduce crime through effective programming and outreach. We encourage the department to explore creative programs and initiatives to deter and prevent crime. We are proud to invest in prevention.


Highlights of Grants Funded:


AED Devices Automated External Defibrillators

$48,920 – AED Devices (Automated External Defibrillators)

TPF purchased 32 AED Devices for 32 patrol vehicles so that our Torrance Police officers can help save lives during an emergency. Often times, police are the first, first-responders on the scene of an emergency, before paramedics arrive. Now, our police officers have the tools to treat victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (U.A.S.) – “Drones”

$33,800 – Unmanned Aerial Systems (U.A.S.) – “Drones”

TPF is advancing technology for our Torrance Police Department! We purchased two drones, making the Torrance Police Department one of the first agencies in Southern California to include this technology in their law enforcement safety equipment. Some uses will include: locating missing persons, traffic collision and crime scene photography, coyote tracking, active shooter situations, evidence recovery and search and rescue at Torrance Beach.

$5,000 – Officer Drone Training

TPF supports advanced officer training and education. Our grant will enable specialized drone training for two officers so they can perform intricate maneuvers in highly challenging situations, such as search and rescue operations and active shooter incidents.

Additional K-9 and Bomb Detection Training

$29,700 – Additional K-9 and Bomb Detection Training

TPF funded a third K-9 patrol as well as the training and equipment needed for the handler and the K-9. Additional funding also includes for the first time, one of our current active K-9’s trained for bomb detection and explosives. Given the on-going threat of terrorist activity, the implementation of this is vital to the safety of our community. Additional thanks to Honda Associates who helped fund this grant.

Unity Ride Tour - National Police Week

6,500.00 – Unity Ride Tour (for 2 years) – National Police Week 

TPF was honored to send two of our Police Officers to take part in the National Police Unity Tour from New Jersey to Washington D.C. For the past 18 years, law enforcement officers have come together to raise awareness for those officers who have died in the line of duty. We are proud to have supported the Torrance Police Department on their ride.

9,800.00 – California Police Chief’s Executive Leadership Institute Training

9,800.00 – California Police Chief’s Executive Leadership Institute Training

TPF values improving community police relations through leadership development and trainings. Our grant gave a Torrance Police Lieutenant the opportunity to attend the California Police Chief Executive Leadership Institute Training to develop management and leadership skills, examining concepts from networks and organizations outside of the standard policing lens.